We understand that family circumstances vary and are subject to change. Therefore if we have places available, we are happy to welcome children into any year group and at any time in the academic year.

Pre Reception and Reception

We like to meet all prospective pupils prior to offering places in Pre-Reception or Reception. Parents are invited to bring their son or daughter for an informal visit to look around the Pre-Reception and Reception areas and to spend some time with their peer group in this setting. We believe the seamless transition from Pre-Reception to ‘big school’ means that this is an ideal time to join the Junior School for both social and educational reasons. Children have the best possible start to their education and are well prepared for moving confidently up through the school.

Years 1 – 6

We recommend that you take advantage of our popular taster days; the aim of these days is for children to get a feel for what like is like at the Junior School and we have the opportunity to meet and get to know them. Visiting children have a buddy assigned to look after them and show them the ropes. Visiting children join in with everything our pupils do, so depending on the timetable, they could be doing Games, Music or a STEM lesson. Our children love having a visiting child in their class for the day!


Whenever possible we try to make an offer within 2 days of a taster visit and we will provide feedback to parents on the day. When a place is offered, the return of the Acceptance Form and small deposit completes the entry procedure.

We invite children who will be joining us to come back for as many visits as they like in the preceding terms as we believe that it is important that a child starts to feel part of the school as soon as possible. All new pupils have 'buddies' to help them settle in and we keep a close eye on all our new pupils to make sure that they are making a smooth transition to their new school.