Lewes Old Grammar School prides itself on being a community which is moulded by the individual pupil’s aspirations and needs. 

We believe co-education is the most natural way for pupils to learn. Working together, boys and girls develop natural friendships and interact with consideration in lessons and extracurricular activities.

We believe in the rights of our pupils to think for themselves and express their views. Central to our vision is the conviction that each child is an individual who has valuable capabilities. These might be academic, sporting, creative, or they might be qualities such as leadership, social responsibility or organisational skills. To facilitate this our curriculum is one that provides opportunities that encourages our students learn how to think, more than simply what to think; that values questions above answers; creativity above fact regurgitation; and the pursuit of excellence above standardised performance.

We believe that from an early age pupils must be given opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning and for their relationships with others. They will only take these steps if their self-esteem gives them the confidence to challenge themselves and appreciate the differences in others. Our outstanding pastoral care gives our pupils these chances.

Of all the gifts a child can receive, none has more lasting value than a first-rate education in a school in which they will be happy and successful. Working in close partnership with parents, we know that each of our students will leave our school at ease with themselves, with the confidence to face the challenges of life.