Pre-Reception and Reception

A talented and experienced team lead our Pre-Reception and Reception classes. The staff to pupil ratio is high, and children learn and play in a safe and creative environment, in which they are guided towards their Early Learning Goals.

The Pre-Reception class eases children’s transition into school; as the academic year progresses pupils build up the sessions they attend in readiness to begin fulltime school. As they mature and develop they are able to pursue their natural desire to learn, and the open plan setting allows Pre-Reception pupils to access the more structured curriculum of the Reception Class when they feel ready to do so. Our children typically exceed the expectations at the end of the EYFS curriculum, and, having been included in all areas of junior school life, are able to make a seamless transition into the main school.

Years One to Six

We are committed to offering our pupils a truly personalised education.

Our small classes are tailored so that children have a range of experiences, sometimes working in mixed ability groups, and at other times in groups where their needs can be supported more specifically, by either stretching them beyond the content of the normal curriculum, or supporting areas of weakness.

Specialist teaching complements the pastoral care of the class teacher; throughout the school, subject experts teach our children PE, Music and Modern Foreign Languages. By Year 4, alongside these subjects, pupils benefit from a Computing and ICT specialist, in Year 5 Science is added, and by Year 6, Latin.

This rich and varied curriculum is built on close links with the Senior School. Expertise, resources and facilities are shared, our older pupils being taught subjects including Science, Home Economics and Design and Technology in their labs and workshops; at the end of Year 6 Morley House pupils eagerly anticipate their transition to the Senior School where staff who already know them are ready to ease them into the next phase of their education.