A Nice trip to France

Pupils crossed the channel to Nice last month to refine their language skills and take in the culture of the French Riviera.

Students from Years 10 to 13 visited the historic city as part of their French and Art studies, enjoying an itinerary which included a guided walking tour of the city’s Old Town and a day trip to Monaco.

The excursion also offered students the opportunity to witness and try some of the region’s artisan specialties, including local perfume and chocolates, sweets, syrups and jams from the Confiserie Florian, a sweet shop where students witnessed the ancient process of crystallising flowers and fruits.

To hone their artistic skills, pupils also took in the sights of the famous Henri Matisse museum and visited St. Paul de Vence, a medieval town made famous by the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.

Valerie Rosin, French teacher: “Statistics show that the best way to learn a foreign language is by conversing with natural speakers. Unfortunately, many foreign language students in England never have the opportunity to use their skills outside the classroom. This trip was designed to immerse our pupils in French culture and encourage them to interact independently with the residents of Nice. I was delighted to see them all embrace the challenge and converse confidently with locals.”

Yasmin O'Mahoney, Year 11: “This trip was really special. It was inspiring to see that Nice has recovered, thrived and flourished after the terrorist attacks two years ago. It was also a wonderful chance for us to practice our French, witness breathtaking views and observe the work of the most famous artists that France has ever produced.”