Dance is a fun way of staying active, keeping fit, expressing yourself and developing your confidence & creativity! The new specification for 2016 offers a lot of variety with insight into different dance styles & fusions and provides a good stepping-stone into the AS/A2 course should students wish to pursue those courses after GCSE.



This is a linear course, meaning that students will sit all their exams and submit all their non-exam assessment at the end of the course in Year 11.

Core Content:

  1. Performance – 30%
  2. Choreography – 30%
  3. Dance Appreciation – 40%

In year 10 of GCSE Dance you will:

  • Develop an understanding of health, fitness & safe working practice
  • Develop physical & technical skills necessary for effective performance
  • Learn four ‘set dances’ that every GCSE Dance student must learn in order to perform both a solo and a duet/trio piece of coursework
  • Begin studying the ‘Dance Anthology’ which focuses on 6 professional dance works
  • See professional dance in action in the form of either workshops or live performances
  • Perform in the Annual LOGS Dance Gala

 In year 11 you will:

  • Develop expressive skills & an understanding of how to achieve high quality performance
  • Enhance your understanding of the relationship between choreography, performance & production
  • Develop your understanding and critical analysis of the 6 professional works
  • Create your own group choreography in response to an exam question provided by AQA
  • Attend weekly ‘Catch Up’ sessions in order to rehearse and improve your coursework
  • Perform in the Annual LOGS Dance Gala



AS Dance 1231

A Level Dance 2231

AS outline

At AS Level, this specification focuses on the development and performance of the candidate's own choreography and performance within a duo/trio. Candidates receive training on technique and the health and safety of the dancer. They begin to develop critical skills for the analysis of choreography and performance within their own work and in professional repertoire:

  • Unit 1: Understanding Dance
  • Unit 2: Choreography and Performance

A2 outline

At A2, candidates develop skills and extend and apply knowledge gained at AS level. The focus of choreography is shifted towards group dance. Candidates develop knowledge and understanding of a specific area of study related to the development of one of the following: modern dance, ballet, jazz dance. Performance skills will be developed in relation to a specific practitioner.

Candidates continue to receive instruction on technique and the health and safety of the dancer:

  • Unit 3: Dance Appreciation: Content and Context
  • Unit 4: Group Choreography and Solo Performance


Mrs J Lloyd BA