Modern Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

LOGS offers pupils three languages and it is proud of its record of success in MFL. The ability to communicate effectively in a language other than your own is a key skill in today’s world. The MFL department engenders an enthusiasm for languages that will encourage pupils to achieve the highest levels of academic success as well as giving them important skills which they can use outside school and, hopefully, throughout their life.

LOGS offers students a rich variety of overseas trips and visits to support pupils in their language learning so that they can experience the history and culture of different languages for themselves.


We offer courses in French, German and Spanish at GCSE and at A-level and follow the Edexcel specification.

Teaching is delivered in a lively and communicative way. The aim of the MLF department is to ensure that pupils can understand spoken and written language and express themselves confidently, both orally and in writing. Grammar is taught alongside active communication skills so that pupils have the tools to use language creatively and accurately.

Much of the teaching is conducted in the target language, but English is used for the explanation of grammar points and for clarification.


Mrs A Prada-García BA (Hons), MA (Head of Spanish)

Miss A Ibanez-Barceló BA (Hons)

Mrs N Veronese BA (Hons), MA

Miss V Rosin DEUG (French Degree) (Head of French)

Miss A Ibañez-Barceló BA (Hons) (KS3 Coordinator)

Mrs A Brown BA (Hons)

Miss M Catucheau BA (Hons)

Miss S Geddes BA (Hons)

Miss K Alpers BA (Hons) (Head of German)

Miss S Geddes BA (Hons)