Physical Education

Physical Education

At LOGS we offer our pupils a wide range of opportunities within their Physical Education and Games lessons. Our aim is to give our pupils the skills and fitness to take part in physical activity, and more importantly a lifelong love of sport for when they move on. We vary the activities so that they cover the traditional sports such as hockey and football, but also net and wall games, striking and fielding games, athletics, gymnastics and dance.

We hope that this approach successfully gives a balance between a healthy active lifestyle and competitive sport. Our inclusive House system is designed to give all of our pupils opportunities, as is our policy on afterschool clubs.

Our Year 7-9 pupils receive a weekly double lesson of Physical Education. Due to the excellent facilities available to us, we also offer tennis, squash, basketball, badminton, dance and gymnastics over the three years.  All pupils across the Senior School receive a triple Games lesson (1 hour 45 minutes), which takes place in the afternoon for most year groups. During these lessons, we deliver most of the traditional team games, as well as some racket sports. We also use this time to run our extensive inter-school sports fixtures.

Dance is a subject that is fully supported throughout the school and is delivered by subject specialists and available to take as a GCSE.



The GCSE PE course changed in 2016, now referred to as PE GCSE (9-1) – J587 OCR.

We advise all students deciding to choose this subject to do so because they are interested to learn the theory aspect of Physical Education, and not just because they believe they are practically good at sport.

The course is now much more academic and the weighting demonstrates this as 60% of the course is exam based.

Course content:

Component 1: Physical factors affecting performance

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Physical training.

Component 2: Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology

  • Socio-cultural influences
  • Sports psychology
  • Health, fitness and well-being.

Component 3: Performance in physical education

  • Performance of three practical activities and one non-exam assessment
    • one ‘individual’ sport
    • one ‘team’ sport
    • one other sport from either ‘individual’ or ‘team’


New A Levels are fully linear so assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years of study. (no exams in January.) The first assessment of two-year OCR courses that start in September 2016 will be in June 2018. The AS will not count towards the final grade of an A Level, where assessment of the whole course will take place at the end of two years’ study.


Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Sport

This is intended as an Applied General qualification, equivalent in size to two A Levels. It has been designed as part of a two-year programme, normally in conjunction with one or more qualifications at Level 3.

This qualification is aimed at learners looking to progress to higher education in this sector. Students will complete 9 units in total, of which 6 are mandatory:

  • Professional development in the sports industry,
  • Sports Leadership,
  • Fitness Testing,
  • Practical sports performance,
  • Organising a sports event,
  • Skill Acquisition in sport.

The additional 3 units are external exams which include:

  • Anatomy and physiology,
  • Fitness training and programming,
  • Investigating business in sport and the active leisure industry.

At Lewes Old Grammar School, we give the option of BTEC and A Level in sixth form. This normally depending on results from GCSE and a realistic course for the individual student.


Mr M Heywood BA (Hons) (Head of PE and Games)

Mr J Alikhan BSc

Mr L Stubbs BA (Hons)

Miss R Stone BA (Hons)

Miss H Thorpe BA (Hons)

Miss C Hyland BA (Hons), MA

Mr S Rham BSc