South African adventure

Our third trip over the Spring half term was to South Africa as part of our annual exchange scheme.

32 students in Years 11 to 13 were specially chosen for the trip to Ballito, South Africa in recognition of their continued contributions to school life.

Throughout the week, they had the opportunity to interact with South African students from Ashton International College, kicking events off with a series of Football and Hockey matches.

After several fiercely contended games, LOGS pupils took home the 2018 Ashton Cup before taking part in a ‘Culture Show’ at the end of the week, where they performed songs, dances and drama sketches alongside their South African counterparts.

The adventure also featured visits to several of the country’s most significant cultural and geographical landmarks. Pupils toured the Karkloof Canopy to take in the brilliant vistas and see a 20 metre waterfall up close, and also retraced Nelson Mandela’s footsteps at the site of his capture.

There was also opportunity to watch the African sunrise over the Indian Ocean, a visit to the famed Wild Waves Water Park, as well as an expedition to the Tala wildlife sanctuary, which is home to 380 bird species and big game such as kudu, hippo, giraffe, and rhinos.

Robyn Stone, PE teacher: “Holidays abroad can often involve sightseeing without interacting with the locals. This trip offered pupils a fantastic opportunity to share their experiences with Ashton College students. Each of our pupils had a host family, and the ‘Culture Show’ at the end of the week really represented the way English and South African cultures came together throughout the trip. It was a really special excursion, and a great way to recognise students who have gone above and beyond to be a part of the school community.”

Robert Blewitt, Headmaster: “This is the fourth trip we have organised to South Africa. The friends made and the experiences shared will last a lifetime. We very much look forward to reciprocating the amazing welcome we receive in Ballito when we host students and staff from Ashton next year”.